Digital Retinal Photography

We are now using a Digital Retinal Camera that takes an instant photograph of the back of your eye, like the one shown here.

Digital Retinal Photography at Vernon Walker Opticians
Digital Retinal Photography at Vernon Walker Opticians

The advantages of this are:

The picture is stored on a computer allowing us to look for changes from one visit to the next and we would fully recommend digital photography is undertaken on a regular basis.

It allows a better and more detailed inspection of the back of the eye.

It allows you to see the back of your own eye.

If it is necessary for you to see an eye specialist the picture can be sent with your referral for an initial assessment.

However, we feel that digital retinal photography offers the best possible eye care and would therefore fully recommend it to you. I would advise adults to have retinal photography at every eye examination and children once every two years. This gives us the best way of monitoring any changes in your eye health over a period of time.

Please let the receptionist know your wishes when you book your appointment.